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Songs Our Teachers Learn Us on youtube

Judy Garland holiday double (song #2)

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Songs Our Teachers Learn Us on youtube
Judy Garland holiday double (song #1)

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Songs Our Teachers Learn Us on youtube

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Songs Our Teachers Learn Us on youtube

when modes of music change

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this video contains content from vevo it is restricted from playback on certain sites

e-ing fics from the sticks for wellerverse wordpress blog.

visual association from TRADeMARK©'s take on Kanye West

thank you, Mark

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Come hither

YouTube video without moving image (without any image at all if near subliminal flash discounted. How many youtube video blanks are there?). Against hithered black, digital photograph of Walter de la Mare's old house Beckenham/Penge juxtaposed.

Songs Our Teachers Learn Us sequence.

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reprinted as chapbook - updated as 'free-to-view' ebook

Myebook - S Club 7 versus the Anti-Capitalists - click here to open my ebook

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virtual destroydon (a newer localism)

Croydon-Advertiser Image: Croydon-Advertiser

Coulsdon 'in mourning' as Cane Hill hospital is destroyed by fire

Coulsdon 'in mourning' as Cane Hill hospital is destroyed by fire

... derelict Cane Hill hospital has been virtually destroyed by a blaze that ripped through the site...mystery surrounds the cause of the fire at the former mental asylum, but police are not treating it as suspicious at this stage... extent of the damage was being assessed this week, but the Fire Brigade estimates around 80 per cent of the administration building was damaged...iconic clocktower has been completely destroyed after it crashed through into the roof...

psychogeography of rubble (an older localism)

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the new localism

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the mouths of poets

Among fans contributing drawings and articles to "The Arbiter" was Sam Stelling. Another fan was novelist MJ Weller who'd written 'The Doomed Boy' - first in a quartet of books featuring quadrophrenic cockney character, Mike Weller.

- Michael John Weller,
"(His) Story Of English Superheroes", Slow Fiction: twenty-three tales 2001-2010 (Home'Baked Books, 2010)

return of character (2) to television

'Island of Dreams' from Space Opera, Michael J. Weller, (Visual Associations, 1997)

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Cleaves on television

Beowulf Cartoon, MJ Weller (Writers Forum, 2004)

international poetry journal is introducing new poetic psychogeographies - a new map of the Beowulf world. This is not only innovation from Cleaves. Platform developer Harry J. Godwin is using machine coding as instrument for innovatory customized textual projection.

Very different from old-fashioned scrolling or 'free-to-use' automated software templates used on blogs like this. In some ways 'scroll down' and 'off-the-shelf' software for screen reading of poetry counters print-based 'towards design in poetry' innovations of British Poetry Revival generation when transferred to online practice.

Excitement at cleaves three viewing veteran Romanian modernist Nora Iuga (Eleonorei Almosnino) click away from new generation Greek modernist Krystalli Glyniadakis click away from London's Miraculous Continuum. Indeed.

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& ragnhildur jóhanns does it better

'& Holly Pester Does It Better' reprinted again October. It's a home'baked book in progress - revising text whilst still learning about work of both new and older modernist female poets, some with gorgeously difficult-to-pronounce names that make utterance like "...& Hjalmar Gullborg (1898-1961) does it better..."

Hjalmar Gullborg was a male Swedish poet who gained entry into text through trojan horse of unfamiliar guttural slur. Who knows what uttered name may appear in further amendments of title simply by sounded intonation, timbre, pitch, key or duration.

Steven Fowler introduces newer European and Scandinavian poets to London performative scene. Jeff Hilson spurred educative quest direction older and splendid Bernadette Mayer. Bernadette Mayer in August text but not original July printing. Smacked hand, Mr Weller.

Veer Books doing hard copy version of 'beat generation ballads' soon - substance of which originally appeared as sandpit play postings here at Mike Weller's egnepping google blogspot.

Veer request one or two back cover puffs. Puffs on recent Veer titles appear to détourne mainstream promotional paperback puffs. They are meant to be subvoicive puffs aren't they?

Don't turn tv on ...

Television coded as television for Google blogcast. Erasure (html strike through) does not always appear in connected blogs, nor red font. There may be difference watching X Factor on Saturday night British ITV1/or ITV Player during following week compared with watching clips from X Factor on youtube inserted as blogcast. One is TV. t'other be television.

Frankie, Marilyn, Wilfred and Yves explain television so much better at old posting here.

eg recent television: -

bit of attitude + poetics of hilson surnamesake from (place is the space Malvern, Worcestershire, UK)

absolutely born to be a pop star...give it up for...

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television: is vimeo posher youtube?

Dorothea Lasky from joshuamarie on Vimeo.

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television vs the future of socialism

Plan reprinting Home'Baked edition S Club 7 versus the Anticapitalists. Very limited 'artists book' cover (left) is not new tho costly to reproduce when first published. Technology ten years on enabled availability cheap chapbook with colour-cover. Can also be rekindled ebook. Title free-to-view.

Myebook - S Club 7 versus the Anti-Capitalists - click here to open my ebook

Exciting new twenty-something poets I've seen and heard last five years were teenagers when S Club first appeared on television. May have considered them Monkee-like UK manufactured group from years of millennial adolescence. There are perhaps newer poet-n-tials (just about to start creative writing uni courses) who may actually have been ardent 7-year-old S Club 7 fans.

In performance S Club 7 vs the Anticapitalists intended two-voicer. Sean Bonney and Jeff Hilson did blinding reading with text Writers Forum workshop back in the day.

If S Club 7 present day appears dated (or worse, heads up for late '90ies nostalgia) - read "s" in S Club as abstract factor "x". As X-factored pop idols of near future led nowheres by unreality television light entertainment during crises of broadcasting late capitalism.

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& holly woodlawn does it better

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A Misremembered Lyric


& denise levertov (1923-1998) & denise riley
does it better

& Holly Pester Does It Better
, Michael J. Weller (Home'Baked Books, 2010)

Each day I take ...

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& gertrude stein (1874-1946) does it better

now available from Home'Baked Books by Michael John Weller ...

Playful name-calling score sounded in process and amendment

Third and final chapbook in performative "feminized" trilogy also comprising visual score Redell Olsen's Sharp Exhalations & companion textual Andrea Brady Poetry Lady

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Concern of older practitioners that 'pure' poetry and art may be infected by the virus of rogue advertisement or embedded product placement was simply treated by younger practitioners as disregard. Ignore junk-slime pop-ups on MySpace. (The Making of Slow Fiction, Home'Baked Books by Michael John Weller, 2010).

"closure is a fiction"

Great quote on Beckwina's blog Revelation Nation. Met three pressfreepressers - Karen Sandhu, Ryan Ormonde & Becky Cremin at first Café 1001 Openned Table last Saturday, June 5th.

A poster sign for event was required and Press Free Press performance text-scroll was loaned by Karen & Ryan with offer of stretching extended taped paper assemblage whilst I hand-lettered sign with colour felt tips.

Sejal Chad is another member of the ensemble. First poets to remind me of a comic book poet team - just my fiction.

Why did old postering skills return so fast & furious? All I could remember that afternoon was Bob Cobbing telling me phonemes were part of consciousness as his father was a commercial signwriter.

Press Free Press also reveal booked poetry doesn't have to be read on every occasion. Why not hang text over a settee & mould paper into utterance fragmenté.

Fics from the sticks began as Space Opera, became Slow Science Fictions, developed into twenty-three titled Slow Fiction. May end up something else in electronic formats.

Like pre-twittered micro-jackanories cut n' pasted from early myspace fic-blogosphere entry.

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3World in 4Time
Current mood: bouncy
Category: Writing and Poetry

Gates's 'Cartoon Kid' tag came from drawing graffiti in high-risk locations. The upper blocks of Sinkmoor were covered in colourful and obscene squiggles. Like his father, Gates was the artistic type.

from "Addingcombe Calling Inspector Pannifer" - Slow Science Fictions no.3
9:53 AM
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sneering at 1980s nostalgia

... affiliating myself to generation of Jamming & Youth Kick poets as well as cartooning like crazy for Chainsaw punkzine.
The Making of Slow Fiction, Home'Baked Books by Michael John Weller, 2010).

A black and white edition of Michael's Collected Chainsaw Cartoons was published April 1996 to celebrate 30 years of the ALP (Association of Little Presses) 1966-1996 - printed on cream card and good quality paper by Bob Cobbing's New River Project.

When Charlie Chainsaw, editor of original UK Chainsaw fanzine saw edition he suggested further mix with repros of original zine's colour covers. A colour climax edition was produced.

Close viewing of May 1996 edition reveals colour covers glued to inside b & w pages (reproduction quality lower than original New River Project printing).

Charlie spray-glued finished colour zine together - ruining his lovely bathroom. The definitive 'home' baked' book I believe.

Copies available during Openned Table's summer of Saturday poetry fun at Café One Thousand and One. See Openned Zine#2 here or Openned page here.

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Po pollen grain bio-diversit
gametes fertilised

fine flower ovules
bee flour
flower me insennible uggluminate sac


the mass-mud
microasporangium pollen basket

the manure being well put down
dibber holes for the legion



opening grapheme LEEK LEGION (Stem Harvest NATURE POEMS, MJ Weller, Writers Forum, 2002).

time to build legions again. main crop messed up 2009. young 'uns look good this year.

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detrition found

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Leo Tolstoy's short stories were collected as twenty-three tales. Beatrix Potter's illustrated world of anthropomorphic characters ran to twenty-three titles. Michelle Yvonne Jolly's tales of schoolboy magician Billy Crombie reached a total of twenty-three adventures.

As MY Jolly is product of MJ Weller's imagination the author's own twenty-three tales have been boxed as a book installation of preposterous lies & miraculous marvels.

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... lyric poetry after Shoreditch ... - Takamisakari Seiken, Pro'un (Geishit, 2010)

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English C***ry Tune

Fifty-five seconds PART TWO "Midsummer Morn" from Michael Finnissy's English Country-Tunes (1977) for solo piano.

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pâte à physique

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improving the image of construction

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End 2008 experimented making up two e-books, Screen Reading no's 1 and 2, using free-to-use myEBook platform.

Myebook - Screen Reading 1 - click here to open my ebook

Myebook - Screen Reading 2 - click here to open my ebook

Screen Reading 2 (Screening Along In South London) featured two minimovies 'psychogeography of rubble' and 'Cambridge Grove' published 'Factory Girl' post here.

Demolished window-less bicycle factory that so pissed off Pete Butler, and milk depot it was converted into for final days, has been replaced by another window-less structure in postmodern blue and yellow hardboard. Referenced here also, made minimovie and videographs to compare deep topographies then and now. You can hear moving-image maker fall arse over tit as camera is desperately saved from breaking whilst documenting bowed road sign 'Cambridge Grove'.

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now here's a tale for tonight

London bookartbookshop's second night of good reads from an exhibition 19:30.

Real Mike Weller stand up sit down, stand up sit down, stand up sit down ... launch 'The Making of Slow Fiction' with '... Character & Scene Guide' and twenty-three tales in a box.

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freering tonight

London launch of Cleaves international poetry journal 19:30 - 21:00 at bookartbookshop with readings by Alex Davies (for Knives, Forks & Spoons Press), Ulli Freer, Tessa Whitehouse and Stephen Willey.

For next couple weeks London's very own bookart boutique window will appear similar to ...

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caution - slow fiction in progress

Planning e-book versions of Slow Fiction blogging EGNEP has made guide to characters and scenes. Scenes are both real and imagined places. All characters taking part are imagined. Some, the writer likes to think, have that contemporary English novelist's sense of feeling, depth and paperback believability. Others are slightly whimsical, some downright cardboardy and comic book.

One conceit in Slow Fiction is the Earth Corporation (EarthCo) , new metaphysical fabulation with entertainment division. So what happens when character Mike Weller walks onto set of live action reality tv? In the fiction EarthCo are making movie at EGNEP location Penge. Will Mick be simpsonized Earth Corporation Entertainment III? Well ... er ... no.

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1972. Mike Weller has published character used for Blighty 'underground' comics work - English comix artist character 'Captain' or 'Cap' Stelling.

Internationally, comics were slowly recognized as part of late sixties popular media alongside film, science fiction and rock music. Finding popular North American form through classic newspaper 'Sunday Funnies' and US comic books, it took further twenty years before comics finally found entry in marketing bracket as 'graphic novel'.

In early seventies publishers like Rolling Stone magazine involved with new popular arts media - still index-linked in mind to '60s prosperity - were planning hugely ambitious visual media books. I've blogged here and here on stalled '70s graphic arts projects involving then London-resident and literary Beat guru William S. Burroughs.

Another graphics project that seemingly was never to see light of day made appearance again last year on Maclean's Canada current affairs website after forty-year sleep. Looking for material to feed google-blog and compose hard-copy Beat Generation Ballads text, found telegram from 1973 inviting Mike Weller to view a history of the sixties project entitled 'The Someday Funnies'.

Weller was living in depths of south London without telephone connection. Awoken by telegram boy on motorized bicycle to world outside Penge, Cap Stelling took number 12 bus to counterculture literary agent Ed Victor's London home where author Michel Choquette was commissioning work from UK artists.

Invited to contribute, Stelling discovered almost entire swinging sixties art, fashion, science, media and culture had already been interpreted in graphics and cartoon by celebrities of the day - which included North American comic artists who'd earned celebrity status through attention by pop artists Öyvind Fahlström, Roy Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol.

Only topic left in programme of 1960s untouched for comic book interpretation, apart from Six-Day 1967 Arab-Israeli war (early 1970s found Egypt stockpiling Soviet weapons with Syria on board) was 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis.

from beat generation ballads sequence

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from beat generation ballads sequence

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russell square found

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beat generation ballads on youtube

"I'm a farmer now. I'm not playing any rock 'n' roll tonight."

Where's the milk. Shit, is that a fridge or a freezer? Are you tryin' to confuse me, man?

Have you ever tried to be like Bob Dylan making coffee and needing good clean-up after Saturday's party with young up-and-coming beat poet sleeping over in blue leggings, trainers & woolly socks.

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beat generation ballads on youtube

Stimulus Respond

'death god smiles' from
beat generation ballads sequence

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By 1990 beat generation bass poet Jet Harris had recovered from alcoholism associated with his celebrity decline.

An early improvising teenage jazz musician - Harris named 'the Shadows' - template 1950s four-piece English instrumental brand-visual sound-matrix for countless Brit beat groups after.

In 1990, with support of Dave Wheatley, Dave Holbrook, Maggie Holbrook and the Jet Harris Fan Club - a self-published cassette of Harris's 1980s recordings, A Fist Full of Strings (and a bit of chat!), was sent to fans, including Peter Butler and his wife, Lisa.

During the '80s Peter was occupying himself whilst living in Denmark by compiling and customizing cassette tapes with extensive documentary notes, then sending them to rock 'n' roll fans worldwide by snail mail.

Homemade editions of music with customized card & note insets included my favourite, an erotic piece of typed-up & treated work by Pete and Lisa Butler - the reconstructed copy of an obscure 1959 poplit paperback book by Jet Harris and poet Royston Ellis - Driftin' with Cliff Richard. An old Charles Buchan pulp publication transformed into a beautiful artists book.

Excluded from 2009 fiftieth year Cliff Richard and the Shadows reunion concert celebrations, Jet Harris made live return in 1999 concert with Bruce Welch's Shadows. Welch introduces bass poet as "A legend in his own mind."

from beat generation ballads sequence

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In his 1973 biography Marilyn, Norman Mailer excerpts Fred Lawrence Guiles' Norma Jean: The Life of Marilyn Monroe. Black & white 'B' picture playing alongside Hollywood technicolor feature with teenagers Bill Wyman and Den Stutley outside Sherrick's outfitters south London in account of screen goddess visit England 1957 making The Prince and the Showgirl with Laurence Olivier.

Guiles' quote in Mailer book set in constrained smaller font -

... a group of teddy boys invited her to join them for a bit of fish and chips in Penge, a London suburb.

'But it is comedy,' Mailer adds. 'For the Millers are tied in class knots.'

Talking taxonomy of textuality. Language within the node. Literary performance in MOO-space. Node-linked text and code. Lyric 'I'. Here's example - 1980s UK bandname Frankie Goes To Hollywood inspired by 1940s show biz headline on Frank Sinatra becoming first bobby soxing American Idol.

Constrained pattern rules of written reality tv auditions with youtube html link reveals forgotten story. Frankie goes to Hollywood but no Oscar Christ. Frankie Vaughan is star of Britain's Got Talent 1955. This Frankie as Liverpool-born as Billy Fury, Ringo Starr & Holly Johnson. Described in Let's Make Love (1960) trailer as 'the singing idol of England'.

Frankie plays English civil servant threatened with 1950s end-of-tv crooning redundancy and public sector cuts. Pointing at screen audience with Harold Wilson's unlit pipe Frankie opens futuristic word score negotiations for Sixties counterculture predicting future Liverpool beat invasion. All you need is love tweets screen goddess relieving Frankie's class-stuffed shirt and bow tie. Veteran actor Wilfred Hyde-White looks on as arbitrating senior civil servant. Yves Montand negotiates European art house tv futures using OuLiPo constraint poetically, and politically, in strictly come off-camera tea dance.

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1968. Comic-book artist Cap Stelling notes familiar refrain in William Burroughs' introduction to Corgi paperback The Naked Lunch.

Room for One More Inside, Sir.

Bell ring old black and white film. Like film's influential episode featuring ventriloquist and dummy - original riff appeared in the Cavalcanti and Crichton 'tales of unexpected' movie Dead of Night. Line first uttered by Miles Malleson as Charon-like transporter of doomed souls, witnessed by featured player able to observe, yet avoid, fatal predestination. Imagined visual association: young Jeff Nuttall hallucinating older Jeff Nuttall played by Malleson - another writer-dramatist and cameo actor.

1973. Cap Stelling, waiting in Whitehall for number 12 bus from Shepherd's Bush to depths of Penge - catches sight of St Louis paperback writer reading menu displayed on restaurant window near Great Scotland Yard. Burroughs is chuckling at contents ... yes, around quarter-past-four in the afternoon ...

Stelling's submission to The William S. Burroughs Scrapbook, an ambitious full-colour Seventies visual art project not to reach publication was drawn on lined paper in blue felt-tip pen, cut from lined exercise book -

from beat generation ballads sequence

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In a Foreign City - poem by Elizabeth Jennings (1926 - 2001)

yellowing text scan Penguin Modern Poets 1 (Penguin Books, 1962)

jennings indexed at poetic justice hyperlink click to in a foreign city screen read

youtube city movement televisual association

from beat generation ballads sequence

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Found photographic print stirred images southeast London's light industrial estates 1960s borders of Bromley and Lewisham. Location date source origin image not known - unlikely its southeast London. Found print twenty years ago anyway. Image provoked first scribblings written twenty years before that.

Early jottings awful although medium, the 'exercise book' with feint lined pages, were blogform at time. Filled with notes and drawings, publication in electronic blogform adds visual reproduction of text. Extract made with fountain pen and blue ink. Quink-textual.

When I studied English Literature one of my tutors, Mike Holly, told me story. As former English teacher in secondary education he was curious about one boy diligently writing at back of class through every lesson he tried to teach. He eventually confronted pupil to find opened James Bond paperback on desk. Boy was copying Ian Fleming word for word into series of exercise books. "Why are you doing this?"
"Because it makes the book mine."

from beat generation ballads sequence

Jean Cocteau said that. Cocteau is quoted in opening to Ernst Fischer's first chapter on 'The Function of Art' in Pelican original The Necessity of Art.

Factory girl Peter Butler was born at the Mothers' Hospital Hackney April 24 1957.

Adopted, brought up, and schooled in southeast London - UK secondary comprehensive system during early 1970s seemed to have failed Pete completely. Into fights with male English teachers, kicked out, then rounds of building sites and local factories at fifteen. Don't understand cos Pete could write what he meant, spell and put apostrophes in right place most of the time.

Employment for boys and girls looking for more permanent employment could be found health, postal and transport sectors. More temporary work found in shops, offices, warehouses and small factories dotted over urban junkscape of suburban redevelopment.

Pete eventually found work building cycle frames for Holdsworthy in Anerley. He enjoyed open-air working encouraged in good weather. This changed when works moved to custom-built factory without windows at Cambridge Grove demolished for warehouse-building after years as milk depot.

Back in the day I said to Pete I needed to make art go to work and he looked at me and said, "Like Elvis Presley?"

Yes. Just like Elvis.

from beat generation ballads sequence

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Publisher Graham Keen planned British 'Underground' comic starring paperback writer William Burroughs collaboration for comic character "Mr Hart". London St Martin's School of Art student Malcolm McNeill was selected for job.

It was known among publishers and editors Bill didn't do "lunch". Innocence and Experience were also to learn Bill didn't like comics. This was 1969-1970 when US underground comix seemed appropriate milieu for radical counterculture artwork. A compromise was reached between publisher, writer and illustrator. McNeill produced work in narrative-caption style of Flash Gordon and Prince Valiant 'Sunday Funnies' adventure strips Burroughs remembered from 1930s.

On return USA Burroughs acquainted himself with Kansas beat generation and work of S Clay Wilson.

When Burroughs lived in London early 1970s paperback writer enjoyed "snack" with Mottram. All photographs apart from cover snap apparently failed to process successfully.

Aloes Books, London 1975.

Allen Fisher writes about other contexts for Burroughs' visual-text production here.

disbanded after issue 4. American underground comix found UK audience early 70s within pages of Mick Farren's and Edward Barker's Nasty Tales and Felix Dennis's cOZmic comics.

from beat generation ballads sequence

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'visual associations' from beat generation ballads sequence