Saturday, May 27, 2017

Cass Art (Colebrooke)

Sarah Jacobs' An Accumulation of Fictions: Volumes 1-288 (Colebrooke Publications, 2017)

Please join us for the book launch on Thursday 22nd June 5-8 at the premises of Cass Art 66 Colebrooke Row N1 8AB. 

At 7 o'clock MICHAEL WELLER WILL BE PERFORMING extracts from Jacobs' After Nature: Highlights. RICHARD MAKIN will be READING extracts from An Accumlation of Fictions Volumes 289-384. 

Michael Hampton's full 2014 review of Sarah Jacobs' After Nature here

The present writer has collaborated with Sarah Jacobs in film and print since her 21c digital art was first publically displayed by Peter Philpott on his essential poetry website. Peter Greatworks' platform also published an earlier version of Richard Makin's Dwelling as 'St Leonards' and displayed an early Mike Weller experiment with digital poetics.

Donning an Eastern European box black leather jacket with its "classic" bottom button missing Michael Weller will attempt to dust off early 2000's performance persona Bobbing the man who was Thursday "Cliff of Albion".