Saturday, October 30, 2010

the mouths of poets

Among fans contributing drawings and articles to "The Arbiter" was Sam Stelling. Another fan was novelist MJ Weller who'd written 'The Doomed Boy' - first in a quartet of books featuring quadrophrenic cockney character, Mike Weller.

- Michael John Weller,
"(His) Story Of English Superheroes", Slow Fiction: twenty-three tales 2001-2010 (Home'Baked Books, 2010)

return of character (2) to television

'Island of Dreams' from Space Opera, Michael J. Weller, (Visual Associations, 1997)

Friday, October 22, 2010

Saturday, October 09, 2010

Cleaves on television

Beowulf Cartoon, MJ Weller (Writers Forum, 2004)

international poetry journal is introducing new poetic psychogeographies - a new map of the Beowulf world. This is not only innovation from Cleaves. Platform developer Harry J. Godwin is using machine coding as instrument for innovatory customized textual projection.

Very different from old-fashioned scrolling or 'free-to-use' automated software templates used on blogs like this. In some ways 'scroll down' and 'off-the-shelf' software for screen reading of poetry counters print-based 'towards design in poetry' innovations of British Poetry Revival generation when transferred to online practice.

Excitement at cleaves three viewing veteran Romanian modernist Nora Iuga (Eleonorei Almosnino) click away from new generation Greek modernist Krystalli Glyniadakis click away from London's Miraculous Continuum. Indeed.

Saturday, October 02, 2010

& ragnhildur jóhanns does it better

'& Holly Pester Does It Better' reprinted again October. It's a home'baked book in progress - revising text whilst still learning about work of both new and older modernist female poets, some with gorgeously difficult-to-pronounce names that make utterance like "...& Hjalmar Gullborg (1898-1961) does it better..."

Hjalmar Gullborg was a male Swedish poet who gained entry into text through trojan horse of unfamiliar guttural slur. Who knows what uttered name may appear in further amendments of title simply by sounded intonation, timbre, pitch, key or duration.

Steven Fowler introduces newer European and Scandinavian poets to London performative scene. Jeff Hilson spurred educative quest direction older and splendid Bernadette Mayer. Bernadette Mayer in August text but not original July printing. Smacked hand, Mr Weller.

Veer Books doing hard copy version of 'beat generation ballads' soon - substance of which originally appeared as sandpit play postings here at Mike Weller's egnepping google blogspot.

Veer request one or two back cover puffs. Puffs on recent Veer titles appear to détourne mainstream promotional paperback puffs. They are meant to be subvoicive puffs aren't they?

Don't turn tv on ...

Television coded as television for Google blogcast. Erasure (html strike through) does not always appear in connected blogs, nor red font. There may be difference watching X Factor on Saturday night British ITV1/or ITV Player during following week compared with watching clips from X Factor on youtube inserted as blogcast. One is TV. t'other be television.

Frankie, Marilyn, Wilfred and Yves explain television so much better at old posting here.

eg recent television: -

bit of attitude + poetics of hilson surnamesake from (place is the space Malvern, Worcestershire, UK)

absolutely born to be a pop star...give it up for...