Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Poets for Pussy Riot (London)

Occasionally, I think of two different rhymes, a good one and a bad one, and I always choose the bad one because it is always the right one.
Alexander Vvedensky 

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

slippng down ReverbNation charts

Dear Cliff Penge and the SE20s,
You want more shows. We want to help you book them.
Good news - ReverbNation is working to expand its roster of 
opportunities for artists in the United Kingdom. You can help us
determine which opportunities to bring to you first by completing 
a short survey. A few minutes is all it takes to help us get in 
touch with your favorite festivals, publications, and radio 
Send Your Feedback!
We appreciate your insights and look forward to bringing you even 
more opportunities to perform in and around the United Kingdom!
Looking forward to your thoughts,
RN Staff

Dear Cliff Penge and the SE20s,
We know you want more fans because who doesn't, really. 
 And, we know you work hard at making awesome music 
so you probably don't have much time to promote.  
That's why we built Promote It - to help ReverbNation
 artists find their next superfans.
Finish setting up your Promote It campaign today.  Don't 
let the 768,000+ artists who have already run Promote It 
campaigns get all of the good fans first.
- RN Staff