Friday, June 04, 2010

sneering at 1980s nostalgia

... affiliating myself to generation of Jamming & Youth Kick poets as well as cartooning like crazy for Chainsaw punkzine.
The Making of Slow Fiction, Home'Baked Books by Michael John Weller, 2010).

A black and white edition of Michael's Collected Chainsaw Cartoons was published April 1996 to celebrate 30 years of the ALP (Association of Little Presses) 1966-1996 - printed on cream card and good quality paper by Bob Cobbing's New River Project.

When Charlie Chainsaw, editor of original UK Chainsaw fanzine saw edition he suggested further mix with repros of original zine's colour covers. A colour climax edition was produced.

Close viewing of May 1996 edition reveals colour covers glued to inside b & w pages (reproduction quality lower than original New River Project printing).

Charlie spray-glued finished colour zine together - ruining his lovely bathroom. The definitive 'home' baked' book I believe.

Copies available during Openned Table's summer of Saturday poetry fun at Café One Thousand and One. See Openned Zine#2 here or Openned page here.

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