Monday, March 08, 2010


In his 1973 biography Marilyn, Norman Mailer excerpts Fred Lawrence Guiles' Norma Jean: The Life of Marilyn Monroe. Black & white 'B' picture playing alongside Hollywood technicolor feature with teenagers Bill Wyman and Den Stutley outside Sherrick's outfitters south London in account of screen goddess visit England 1957 making The Prince and the Showgirl with Laurence Olivier.

Guiles' quote in Mailer book set in constrained smaller font -

... a group of teddy boys invited her to join them for a bit of fish and chips in Penge, a London suburb.

'But it is comedy,' Mailer adds. 'For the Millers are tied in class knots.'

Talking taxonomy of textuality. Language within the node. Literary performance in MOO-space. Node-linked text and code. Lyric 'I'. Here's example - 1980s UK bandname Frankie Goes To Hollywood inspired by 1940s show biz headline on Frank Sinatra becoming first bobby soxing American Idol.

Constrained pattern rules of written reality tv auditions with youtube html link reveals forgotten story. Frankie goes to Hollywood but no Oscar Christ. Frankie Vaughan is star of Britain's Got Talent 1955. This Frankie as Liverpool-born as Billy Fury, Ringo Starr & Holly Johnson. Described in Let's Make Love (1960) trailer as 'the singing idol of England'.

Frankie plays English civil servant threatened with 1950s end-of-tv crooning redundancy and public sector cuts. Pointing at screen audience with Harold Wilson's unlit pipe Frankie opens futuristic word score negotiations for Sixties counterculture predicting future Liverpool beat invasion. All you need is love tweets screen goddess relieving Frankie's class-stuffed shirt and bow tie. Veteran actor Wilfred Hyde-White looks on as arbitrating senior civil servant. Yves Montand negotiates European art house tv futures using OuLiPo constraint poetically, and politically, in strictly come off-camera tea dance.

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