Thursday, April 22, 2010


End 2008 experimented making up two e-books, Screen Reading no's 1 and 2, using free-to-use myEBook platform.

Myebook - Screen Reading 1 - click here to open my ebook

Myebook - Screen Reading 2 - click here to open my ebook

Screen Reading 2 (Screening Along In South London) featured two minimovies 'psychogeography of rubble' and 'Cambridge Grove' published 'Factory Girl' post here.

Demolished window-less bicycle factory that so pissed off Pete Butler, and milk depot it was converted into for final days, has been replaced by another window-less structure in postmodern blue and yellow hardboard. Referenced here also, made minimovie and videographs to compare deep topographies then and now. You can hear moving-image maker fall arse over tit as camera is desperately saved from breaking whilst documenting bowed road sign 'Cambridge Grove'.

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