Monday, February 22, 2010


Found photographic print stirred images southeast London's light industrial estates 1960s borders of Bromley and Lewisham. Location date source origin image not known - unlikely its southeast London. Found print twenty years ago anyway. Image provoked first scribblings written twenty years before that.

Early jottings awful although medium, the 'exercise book' with feint lined pages, were blogform at time. Filled with notes and drawings, publication in electronic blogform adds visual reproduction of text. Extract made with fountain pen and blue ink. Quink-textual.

When I studied English Literature one of my tutors, Mike Holly, told me story. As former English teacher in secondary education he was curious about one boy diligently writing at back of class through every lesson he tried to teach. He eventually confronted pupil to find opened James Bond paperback on desk. Boy was copying Ian Fleming word for word into series of exercise books. "Why are you doing this?"
"Because it makes the book mine."

from beat generation ballads sequence

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