Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Notes on writing reading and face to facEBook performance part four

& parts one, two, three, five, six

An ideology of privatization and marketisation has arguably replaced sense of common purpose public service in arts mainstream and 'alternative' slipstreams. Revival generation poets puff up new generation poets, sketching out emergent canon formations - encoded towards positive internalization of 'experimental', 'fun', 'brilliant', 'cool', 'free-to-use'.

Sidestep volunteering 'internships' and collective 'stakeholdings' with revolutionary collaborators fighting with poets for democracy and a workers' government. In recent conversation with young digital arts practitioner the present writer was told how volunteering had finally led him to paid work. In the twentieth century, I replied, being paid for work was deeply internalized by everyone. "What," the young practitioner exclaimed, "Was everyone a Marxist?"

Join. Decline. Like. Dislike. Yes. No. Maybe. Positive negative procrastination encoded on facEBook.

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