Wednesday, November 30, 2011

'She did call upon her master for aid. And then one
of her curs'd familiars did come creeping to her.

Billy Bragg sang
call up the craftsman/bring in the draftsman/ build
me a path from cradle to grave'

Andrea Brady Poetry Lady, Michael J. Weller
(Home'Baked Books, 2008)

'(...) instead I am on the periphery of a poetry gang (...)'
Fights, SJ Fowler (
Veer Books, 2011)

Notes on writing reading and face to facEBook performance part three

& parts one, two, four, five, six

SJ Fowler's Fights cycles looks as though it may have inspired a rock 'n' roll branding for Billy Bragg's November tour.

Click-on poster above with free ticket competition offer expired in October (hyperlink remains live time of posting). Link accessed via anti-racist Hope not hate organization. Present writer likes HOPE not hate, like in Like on facEBook.

Rubbish brawler Mickey Mover has mischievous idea for rotten fantasy fight game.

In imaginary game Billy Bragg holds heavyweight rocky-poet title for made-up boxing promotions outfit A. A. Action. Now if an OuLiPo 'King of the Ring' poetics game was conceived with other competing made-up promoters like M. M. Marvel and an imaginary Billy had to defend his title against other imaginary poet-contenders including Steve the Silencer...

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