Thursday, December 08, 2011

Notes on writing reading and face to facEBook performance part five

& parts one, two, three, four, six

When using google blogspot as 'workshop' to draft Beat generation Ballads (Veer Books, 2011) couple years ago the present writer was considering what happened to two ambitious twentieth century visual arts bookwork projects planned for '70ies publication - The William S. Burroughs Scrapbook and The Someday Funnies.

'The Someday Funnies' became penultimate beat generation ballad track in hard copy Veer book with Mr Weller unaware (2010) that Someday Funnies had at last found publisher. Until an email from its author Michel Choquette turned up in his hotmail junk folder. The writer deleted mail - then retrieved it - to discover Abrams were publishing Choquette's book with same $100-per- contributor rate 2011 as recessional early Seventies. An editorial cost austerity cycle. Talk about fucking politics of time. With actual 'ballad' remaining unrevised, updates to beat generation ballads 'acknowledgements' from Michel were forwarded to Stephen Mooney and Will Rowe at Veer as ...Ballads was being delivered to the printer.

Abrams' contributors complimentary copy of The Someday Funnies arrived this week with cushioned packaging and other pieces of mail performance art - including promo from publisher.

Abrams' online plug 'n' puff here. Artie Romero's review here. Michel Choquette interview 'n' North American launch hosted by Stephanie and Andrea here. After singing "1973 what does it want with me" here wishing Christmas book gifts would crash break spine does sound hypocritical, I admit. Yet cartoonist Bill Griffith is on first page of 'works' in curious naming poetic. Someday Funnies as 'beat generation ballad' performance goes on.

Think Mick go facEBook page 'n like it.

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