Friday, January 29, 2010


Mrs Butler will never be able to listen to Elvis Presley again as long as she lives.

Lisa and Peter Butler bought a subscription to Tears in the Fence from issue one. For twenty years (1984-2004) Tears was the only English-based publication (Dorset) Pete regularly read apart from Elvis Monthly (Nottingham). He also wrote for Elvis Monthly.

'The Forgotten Gems' © Peter Butler, Elvis Monthly No 296, September 1984

Apparently Pete had volunteered views of both himself and his missus on sexual identity and desire for the King as research project for Elvis Monthly. Google search (peter butler + elvis presley) lists this Cambridge University Press doc as abstract with html full version readable online (scroll Page 11 for Butler reference).

A hand-written letter from Tears to Peter, dated 16th October 1993, enclosing issue 11, is bursting with as much encouragement a combined reminder of subscription renewal and editorial rejection can muster -

Please keep sending your poems. One or two have come close to being accepted ... By the way, one day I would like to do a music issue and will contact you for a contribution ...

'Ballad of Lisa and Pete' from beat generation ballads sequence

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