Wednesday, January 27, 2010


On contemporaneous google blog post (January 20), Chris Goode suggests Jeremy Hillary Boob Ph.D. may be unkind caricature of scholar and poet J.H. Prynne as featured in animation feature Yellow Submarine (1968). 'Die A Millionaire' pronounced DIAMONDS-IN-THE-AIR (Kitchen Poems, 1968) may have appealed to late Erich Segal scripting millionaire Beatles' movie after Lennon toon 'Lucy in the sky with ...' (1967).

If voice of English beat generation John Ono Lennon hadn't died a millionaire, and still be living today, he may be judge on American Idol or guest on X-Factor, even before Paul McCartney bantered with Simon Cowell...this is all a rather silly supposition really...dunno why I'm even going there...still...still...

"Now here's the thing" as they like to say on those tv shows - if the Fifties were chosen nostalgic decade for the Eighties (that first retro-conscious, postmodern, "ironic", back-to-the-future decade for baby boomers), and Sixties chosen decade for Blair's Britpopping Nineties, followed by Seventies nostalgia decade in reality-televised recessionary N00ughties - a suppositionary logic follows - Eighties will be recycled as nostalgic decade for Twentytens and -teens with ironic "1950s mini-decade" portal embedded.

Absolute Beginners will be staged as musical. Auditions on Graham Norton and Andrew Lloyd Webber-hosted reality tv show to find a Colin and Crepe Suzette. Winners congratulated by new Etonian political leaders of old Blighty. That's sci-fi like Torchwood that is.

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