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I have... catalogued in alphabetical order, an A-Z dictionary of the most common superlatives, phrases of expression, and emotive words used in texts to transfer feelings associated with the selling of products and ideas. Often the same superlatives turn up from time to time to promote and sell the arts, including books and exhibitions.
from 'Three chapbooks' (Visual Associations, visual associations, 2001)

Claim a Free Wheeler
was penultimate Writers Forum Weller publication by Bob Cobbing, June 2001. Title formed one part of 3-chapbook display triptych along with Hitcloh Ilk and Visual Associations (visual associations, 2001).

End of era when 'mainstream' still oppostional to 'avant-garde', 'underground', 'alternative', 'experimental' or 'innovative' poetries - unified organizationally through London's Writers Forum and UK university reading scenes.

Hub of differing models of performative writing all 'linguistically innovative' yet using different methods, techniques, like pop and rock 'genres', 'sub-genres' and 'styles' used by myspace x-factor generation singers and musicians.

All collapsed into multiple competing slipstreams now. Poetry wars of old (battles of cultural manouevre) replaced by conflicts of geographical time-place/juxtaposition. Poetry scenes within poetry scenes. Bubbles within bubbles. Web 2.0's prosumers & consumers jockeying for juxtaposition in blogs and self-publishing.

Argument introduced in 2010's Openned Zine #1 short monograph 'Home'Baked: literary artzines in the age of the internet'.

Pictured few years earlier as visual poetic in hardcore/copy Sean Bonney's & Frances Kruk's yt communication bulletin.

(war pigs:::, yt communication, 2006)

'Climb a Free Wheeler
is intended as an exercise in poetics, not a dictionary of usage', Weller wrote in 'Three chapbooks' essay

Word usage issue @recent Blue Bus #47 when Sean B questioned word 'beauty' during performance of lines from Tuli Kupferberg's Give me the music-makers - scored on sheet as '...When beauty barks I heel... (repeat x4).

"I'm not saying that, am I?"* posed Sean in middle of unrehearsed public reading. Although printed on yellow and pink cards text wasn't scored as 'When beauty barks I heil' (text-score version Kupferberg had not discouraged in his lifetime).

'Beauty' as beat generation hippy ideology something Sean rejected. Paul Sutton confronted me "You bullied Sean into reading that, didn't you?" laughing his bleedin' head off. Parts of this gig were filmed.* In twelve years of performance, believe only one or two short readings of present writer filmed, video'd, or saved. Documents tend to end up wiped or re-cycled with other performers.

Category 'B' (detail performance score in revision, Climb A Free Wheeler, Writers Forum, 2001)

Speaking of light bulbs and dark times - what about 'B' category superlative, 'brilliant'? Many things described as 'brill' aren't brilliant. Some 'brilliant' slam poetry, for example, is not brilliant. I've heard JH Prynne's poetry described as 'brilliant'. Is that 'brilliant' as in brilliant or 'brilliant' as in brill!?

Did I read or dream I read Ryan Ormonde's and Becky Cremin's description materiality of language within psychic ritualistic states being oblique,forward slash like? Can't find pressfreepress source for this. Ne'er mind.

* Vimeo'd Bonney/Weller voicing 'Give me the music-makers' here

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