Sunday, February 03, 2013

"The Superheroes of Kreiden"

Croydon Reporter, February 17 2010
"The Superheroes of Kreiden" is a comic strip serial printed in the space between "readers' comments" and "puzzle corner".
   Croydon Reporter has one-hundred and twelve pages. Over seventy of these pages are advertisements. Many are coloured images of automobiles and residential properties mixed with local telephone numbers in large black and white fonts.Thirty or so pages are feature articles and half of these are listings or event promotions.
   Cap Stelling was an artist. But "The Superheroes of Kreiden" didn't look like art in the Croydon Reporter. Perhaps he could turn it into a 'web' comic younger cartoonists spoke of.

from "Cap Stelling's 'The Superheroes of Kreiden"' - (Site Under Construction)

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