Monday, February 25, 2013

'cover' songs our teachers learn us on youtube

First post-firebombing Freedom Bookshop benefit gig - London Action Resource Centre, Saturday 23rd February - poetry not read. Didn't recognize attendees as poets. Didn't recognize Mike Weller.

Four great singer/songwriters/musicians playing like poets though - Torben Tietz; Moa Bergström;  Marzella. Younger generation promoting themselves through social media -
MySpace (still there for musos...), ReverbNation and Bandcamp. Benefit largely facebook organized (heard about Freedom Press fire through Sean Bonney UK Poetry space).
Tietz learned some technique from YouTube vids John Butler. Torben performed cover Mumfords' Little Lion Man. Bergström sang cover Katy Perry Teenage Dream to make "bad pop song good" (great wind-noise recording of 'cover' here) and duo Marzella sang cover Weezer Island in the Sun. Own song YouTube promo vid here.
Performers write and compose own material (Tietz vid here) - 'covers' simply perky little bonuses of appropriation.

In poetic cover spirit - "Percy Bysshe Shelley's The Masque Of Anarchy covered as a zine".
After HomeBaked printing costs first print run proceed go Freedom Press.


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