Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Questions and answers

20th century electronic revolution in communications taken for granted by anyone using keyboard today to make media - newspapers or blogs like EGNEP's linguistically innovative €#*@$?! Does this mean revolution of productive forces affected historical change in Marxist sense? Was change from hotmetal to electronic progressive for working class?
Was Wapping fight 25 years ago (eg here) just about ownership of means? Laclau argued not and GA Cohen changed his mind from 'yes' to 'no' in development of 'analytical' marxism. In Laclau's case he'd had already begun questioning whether working class were historical actors of change. What are social relations of production in comunications present age. What mean for practising poets? The problem of working class as historical subject in Wappling battle is complicated by Murdoch/News Corporation's ownership of social entertainment media (ie Myspace used by millions including poets like EGNEP).And what about nature of social relations and ownership of Google, Facebook or Twitter? Platform used (eg here) as (almost) second nature? My_____ profile as site of contradiction

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